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About Who We Are

We are the founders and owners of the business, husband and wife team, Ashley and Marilynn Haigh. Ashley says: “Carpet Tile Wholesale has been around a long time now, over 20 years. We work well together and always have done. We’re good at different things so we make a great team.” Marilynn carries on: “You can’t do everything yourself, we’re just too busy for that, so it’s good to know that we can always rely on each other and sometimes getting a second opinion is vital.”

About What We Do

Carpet Tile Wholesale has always and will always, offer the best carpet tiles sourced from all over Europe, at the very best prices. We offer a price match service because we are so absolutely confident that our prices are unbeatable. Our existing customers know that they will always get the best service, the best carpet tiles and the best value when they give us a call, compared to any other company anywhere in the UK.

We sell carpet tiles across Europe, to every type of customer. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, they could be domestic or commercial end-users or big trade customers needing thousands of carpet tiles every week.

And because we carry such large stocks, you can always come along and collect your carpet tiles yourself. If that’s not convenient, we can arrange to have them delivered straight to your door.

About  Our Stock

Our Regular Ranges, Repeatable Lines and One-Offs

We have a large choice of stock ranges available on an ongoing basis, as well as clearance one-off deals, end of lines and job lots. You will always be able to find the right carpet tile from us and always at the right price.

Used Carpet Tiles and Carpet Tile Recycling

We also buy second-hand, recycled and used carpet tiles in massive quantities. We inspect the tiles before purchase, then thoroughly grade them in our warehouse, guaranteeing a consistently high standard of used product.

Some of the carpet tiles we bring in are like new, enabling us to accommodate those clients operating on an impossibly small budget.


The right carpet tile at the right price
- for every job.


One Stop Shop

Screeds, sheet ply, adhesives, tackifier, knee pads, knives, blades, door bars, stair nosings etc etc. We keep it all in stock, all the time. We can deliver what you need straight to your door or just give us a quick ring and pop in and pick it up.

About Our Fitting Teams

Our Own Commercial Fitting Teams

We employ our own specialist carpet tile fitting teams too, so if you want your carpet tiles fitted, that’s easily arranged. Just pick up the phone for a free quote.

About Our Team

Ashley – Founder, Owner and MD

Free Advice – Always Available (Ashley Style)!

Ashley is always on hand to offer free advice and help.

“That’s what sets us apart from our competitors” he says. ”By being brutally honest about a carpet tile’s suitability I’ve earned the title of Sales Prevention Officer” he laughs.

“I just don’t see a future in selling a customer a tile that won’t look right or perform well, even if it is cheap. And there is a lot of product out there that is not suitable for demanding contract installations.  It’s far better to earn someone’s trust by giving the right advice, even if they don’t buy from us the first time or two”.


He continues,

“We’ve worked together selling carpet tiles now for over 20 years, and know how important it is that each customer ends up with the best carpet tile available for their budget. By ensuring that this always happens we’ve built up a really solid reputation within the industry, and I’m proud of that.”

Julie – Customer Service Queen

Julie is a very important member of the team, she’s the reigning Queen of Customer Service.  From the first time you get in touch, you’ll know you’re going to be looked after.

Julie smiles as she says,

“Giving the customer a great buying experience is how I spend my day. That’s not all I do, but it’s my favourite aspect of the job. I’m the vital link between our customers and our company. I can help them choose the right carpet tile and place their order, and I stay in touch until they’ve actually received their carpet tiles. Getting great positive feedback from everyone just makes

my day, so I work hard to make sure that happens. I’ve been here over ten years and I love my job.”


Fully Insured and Professionally Trained Floor Layers

By only employing the very best professionally and commercially trained teams of fitters, every job is absolutely guaranteed to be completed without a hitch. Each team is trained to install all flooring products, not just carpet tiles.


We fit everything except ceramics says one of the team leaders. So, vinyls, wood, carpet - and our speciality is making complicated and tricky staircases look really good. We carry out all the prep work required on a damaged or damp floor to ensure outstanding results he continues. “I’ve been here years, and like the variety of jobs I’m asked to do. Sometimes it's an office in London but then it could be a block of flats or a shop in Nottingham, a bit closer to home. I like the challenges and our teams are all great fitters, so it makes the jobs enjoyable.”


Best Pickers, Best Packers

There is also a strong team of conscientious pickers and packers who have an amazing combined industry experience of 52 years, so everyone really know what they’re talking about.


Marilynn – Marketing and Finance

The other main ‘spoke of the wheel’ is Marilynn. I not only look after the finances, making sure the accounts are all in order, but I also run the marketing department.

I've always looked after the back office and the money side of things – like the wages and the VAT – so Ashley and I have sort of worked separately” she says. “But now we are both very heavily involved in the different aspects of marketing the business, so we tend to work together more, which is really nice and I am enjoying learning new things, which after all these years is making a great change”.

We are all completely committed to the company and its success, and know that that success can only come from ensuring that each and every customer is treated as though they are our only customer.


About Why We’re Different?

  • Brutal honesty about which carpet tile is suitable for your project – no waffle, flannel or fuss - guaranteed!
  • Completely realistic about pricing
  • Always on the end of the phone to help and advise
  • A level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else
  • Visitors always welcome – pop in for coffee anytime
  • Highly skilled commercial fitting teams always ready
  • One Stop Shop-All the ancillaries you need under one roof


“Not only did we have hundreds of satisfied customers last year, we didn’t get a single complaint about either our products or service! We’re all extremely proud of that!”